Arrange collection time with landlord via MiChat (Directions will be provided)

Via the app, you will be notified when rental payments are due.

For urgent repairs there will be a 24- hour landline. For normal repairs there will be a “report a repairs” section.

Through messaging system “MiChat”.

LandLord FAQ

360 degree tour and photos of property

-Advertising to direct market

-Finding the correct tenants

– Full online management service

– 24 maintenance team

-Management of payments

-A tool to manage your property on your terms

Issue a statement via the MiChat feature with a period in which the tenant has to pay off outstanding payment. If tenant exceeds period of time MiDigs legal team will step in and will help to resolve the issue.

Rent is collected by MiDigs and stored in our wallet system until Landlord wishes to withdraw.

Through messaging system “MiChat”.

No, not without your consent. We securely store all of your personal information in line with all legal regulations

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